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It’s Time for a Benefits Partner IN the Physician Community.

Our agency is committed to delivering quality products and services to physician's practices, families, and staff.

Our Services

How We Can Help:

HR Solution
Insurance Agent

Insurance Services


HR Solutions

  • Access to Live HR Advisors

  • Compliance: Federal, State & Local Government 

  • Employee Benefits Planning

  • Hiring & Termination Practices

  • Policy & Procedures

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Living Handbook

Get Started:

We'll talk through your options and what solutions best fit your circumstance.

Securely submit your details and needs and we'll run the numbers!

Savings Scenario

“I'm saving thousands of dollars every year on malpractice and health insurance premiums, not to mention other discounts offered to OSMA members."

Brian Santin, MD • Ohio Vein & Vascular, Inc.

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